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Policy Network on Environment (PNE)

About the PNE

The IGF 2021 features an intersessional workstream focused on intersections between environment and ‎‎digitalisation processes, called the Policy Network on Environment (PNE). The vision of the PNE is a world in which digitalization is used as a force for good, and where progress is made towards the UN 2030 Agenda's climate and environmental goals. The PNE's work is spearheaded by a Multistakeholder Working Group (MWG), whose primary aim is to publish a report by December 2021 containing concrete, actionable policy recommendations. The MWG Meetings are open to everyone interested.

Find more detailed information on the PNE and links to useful resources further below. Expand the sections to read the full text.

The workstreams 

Introduction, definition of the topic

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Overview of Opportunities & Risks

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Environmental Data 

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Food, Water & Energy Security 

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Supply Chain Transparency & Circularity

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Overarching Issues   

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Note: If you request to join a workstream, please include some information about yourself and your interest in the topic in your message. Please also indicate in your message whether you would like to join the workstream as a co-author, or a reviewer. You may join several workstreams.

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Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, November 17, 12:00 CEST

OPEN CONSULTATION - Presentation of first full draft of PNE report

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Past Meetings Documentation
  • Wednesday, September 15, Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, September 8, Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, August 18 Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, July 14 Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, June 16 Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, May 19 Meeting Summary
  • Wednesday, April 28 Meeting Summary

PNE - Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the PNE created? How does it relate to the mandate of the IGF

What are short and long-term goals of the PNE? What is the future of PNE beyond IGF 2022 going to look like? 

What are the mechanisms of the PNE, how does it operate? What is the role of the MWG in relation to the goals of the PNE? 

Can you share details about the various workstreams and how they are developing the different chapters of the report?

What roles are involved in developing the chapters (co-authors, reviewers, co-leads), and what is the time commitment over the next months? 

What are the timelines (deadlines) for getting involved as co-author? Is there a timeline for review of each chapter?

Will the report be translated into various languages? How will it be disseminated (eg. at IGF, and beyond)?

Statement of Purpose

Feel free to check out our Statement of Purpose, where you can find more detailed information about the PNE (link leads to a google document).


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